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Here's What You're Gonna Get

The Weight Management Bundle!

Here's What's Inside Your Bundle!

10 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches

Zija’s Premium Tea is a delicious blend of traditional Eastern and Western herbs that aids in digestion, acts as a natural laxative and diuretic, and eliminates toxins released from fat cells during weight loss. It’s the perfect way to calm and cleanse your body. 

($15 Value)

60 Core Moringa XMburn Capsules

Zija's XMburn capsules work to temporarily increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and help you make smarter food choices so you can lose unwanted pounds and maintain a healthier weight.

($59 Value)

30 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets

SuperMix is a delicious and convenient powdered beverage that can be added to water for a daily dose of Moringa's 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

($100 Value)

1 Bottle of Améo Trim & Tone (15 ml)

To help combat the overabundance of processed and unwholesome foods and drinks that can lead to weight problems and poor health, we carefully crafted the Améo Trim & Tone blend. It combines various beneficial essential oils to help increase your metabolism, manage your appetite, and control cravings so that you can focus on making healthier food and drink choices throughout the day. It can also help uplift your mood naturally.

($25 Value)

20 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches

Zija’s Daily Tea combines Moringa oleifera with other natural and beneficial ingredients to promote a feeling of fullness and align appetite with true caloric needs.

($36 Value)

One 4-Day Sample Pack

Your sample pack includes:

  • 2 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches
  • 8 Core Moringa XMturbo Capsules
  • 4 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets
  • 4 Améo Trim & Tone Sachets
  • 2 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches
  • ($35 Value)



    Here's What Your're Gonna Get!

     4 Weekly eBook Guides

    Each guide includes daily prompts and instructions and filled with day by day educational tips and action steps for you to take.

    Learn how to journal, put yourself first, and eliminate foods that are wrecking havoc on your system. Small daily changes lead to long lasting results. 

    ($97 Value)

     Recipe Guide

    54 delectable recipes custom-created by a chef and writer. Did I mention they're gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, allergy-friendly, and family-friendly?

    Healthy smoothies, juices, soups, salads, dips, desserts and more!

    ($47 Value)

     4 Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

    Makes shopping and planning your meals easy as 1-2-3!

    ($47 Value)

     7 Info-Packed Handouts

    These are to help you get the most out of the program and include the following titles:

    1.    40 Snacks on the Go

    2.    Gluten-Free Substitutions

    3.    How to Go Gluten-Free

    4.    The 101 on Portions

    5.    The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods

    6.    Top Vegetarian Proteins

    7.    Low Glycemic Chart

    ($97 Value)

     Food Diary

    Use this diary, or buy a journal, to track and write down how you are feeling throughout this process of small, subtle changes and note if imbalances occur if you are eating out or at home.

    ($17 Value)

     Accountability and Support emails 

    You will receive weekly support and accountability emails to keep you going in addition to your eBook guides. You will also get access to our online Facebook community to share ideas, challenges, and encouragement! This is like the secret sauce of the program really because we help you eliminate everything that gets in your way of your results! Everything except yourself of course!!

    ($47 Value)


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